Tiki Torch Fuel & Paraffin Lamp Oil Safety

Phil Tyson, CEO Firefly Fuel, Inc.

Phil Tyson, CEO
Firefly Fuel, Inc.

Safety is a concern we all have when purchasing and using any product. We at Firefly Fuels have a proactive attitude when it comes to how our tiki torch fuel and lamp oil are marketed and sold to the public.

Several years ago, a popular tiki torch fuel was accidently ingested by an elderly woman who later died. This unfortunate incident, along with a series of similar incidents with young children, caused me to develop and market our new Firefly Fuels in a manner that would eliminate such confusion and avoid such unfortunate accidents. Oh, and by the way, these tiki torch oil manufacturers to this day, have not changed their packaging one bit.

Children are drawn to their bottles that hold torch fuel because they closely resemble familiar apple juice bottles. According to the American Association of Poison Control Centers' 2010 Annual Report, 1,350 children under the age of five were exposed to dangerous lamp oils in 2010.

Labeling was always properly done to alert anyone reading our labels about the dangers of ingesting and the possibility of fire and burn injuries if the product were misused. Unfortunately, labels are not enough in my view.

We then decided three special additional steps needed to be taken to insure your safety when using Firefly Tiki Torch Fuel and Lamp Oil.

  1. We first determined that “cute” colors that were similar to several juices and energy drinks are not a good idea. We have no colorants in any of our clear fuel products.
  2. We next observed the bottle design was another confusing factor and chose commercial bottle designs that would not easily be confused with a “juice or soft drink” bottle.
  3. The bottle cap was our next concern.  We selected childproof caps for 16-ounce, 32-ounce and gallon bottles.

It is our desire to provide the best and purest fuels in the safest possible manner to protect your family from any accidental ingestion that could result in serious health issues and even death.

We appreciate your business and hope your friends and family enjoy the safe use of Firefly Tiki Torch Fuel, CLEAN Lamp Oil and Paraffin Lamp Oil.


Special Notes

Safety is paramount when using any type of fuel. These fuel products must be used with common sense. Kids should not be handling or using tiki torch fuel or lamp oil and should be closely supervised when any of these products are being used or handled by a responsible adult.
These fuel products burn to provide the light, warmth and insect repellant characteristics you pay for. When mis-used, they can cause damage, injury and even death.

NEVER fill any Tiki torch, liquid-fueled candle, ventless fireplace, or firepot that you are not absolutely certain is out and is cool to the touch. If you fill any of these tiki torches, oil lamps, liquid fueled candles, vent less fireplaces or firepots  while still lit or hot, you may experience a flare up of the fuel that may be difficult to put out. The flare up flames and burning fuel can cause serious damage, injury and even death.