Votive Vs. Tealight Candles: What Is the Difference?

The design of a candle determines how well it will burn. Many people love tealights because they are small and produce a low flame. Still, others prefer votive over tealight candles. If you’re wondering what the difference is between votive candles vs. tealights, check out this guide to the smallest candles on the market.

What Are Votive Candles?

Votives are slow-burning candles. Due to their bell shape, votive candles melt evenly. Most are made from paraffin, soy wax, or beeswax. Sustainable and modern filled glass votive candles are cleaner than sooty wax candles. You should place wax votive candles in votive candle holders. Votive candles holders are typically glass and come in a range of styles.

What Are Tealight Candles?

Tealights candles are smaller than votive candles and easier to use. They are self-contained in a metal wrapper, and you can place them just about anywhere. Specific holders for tealights do exist. Tealights are easier to clean up than votives because you can throw them away once they burn out. One downside is that they typically don’t burn as long as votives.

Uses for Votives and Tea Light Candles

Votives and tealights give off a similar amount of light. They both reveal a tiny flicker that is romantic and alluring. Restaurants and churches often use tealight candles because they go through so many. You may choose to use votives at home for spontaneous romantic moments. Light a candle for dinner or while watching your favorite movie. You can instantly change the mood with the lighting.

Knowing what the difference is between votive and tealight candles can help you decide which to keep around. Perhaps you don’t need a big bag of tealights if votives will serve you. You can find votive candles that don’t need a separate holder from Firefly Fuel.