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Transcend – Extraordinary, modern, unique design featuring a two-piece refillable oil lamp by Firefly – Exquisite mood lighting inspires romantic emotion. The gift set contains 1 Transcend Oil Lamp comprised of a Bliss Liquid Candle and a clear glass hurricane candle holder, 16 oz. of smokeless and odorless pure lamp oil and a small funnel to make refilling a snap.

The Transcend is mouth blown using clear borosilicate glass which is NOT fragile but gives the illusion.

This is our staff’s favorite glass oil lamp! Be creative. There’s enough room below the oil candle to place shells, berries, greens, flowers or anything else you’d like. Additionally, you can purchase Firefly candle dye pack (red, yellow, & blue) and create any colored lamp oil you desire.

Need a unique gift idea that’s under $50 for the women in your life? Well, this is the perfect gift for a birthday, Christmas, Mother’s Day, housewarming, or wedding.

  • Hand-Blown Borosilicate 2-Piece, Clear Glass Oil Lamp. The Bliss Liquid Candle appears to be floating in the hurricane candle holder. If you select the Gift Set, it includes 16 oz. of paraffin lamp oil and a small, plastic funnel for effortless refilling.
  • The area below the oil candle is large enough to showcase shells, berries or greens.
  • The Decorative Candle Holder is approximately 6-5/8″ high and the diameter is 3-1/8″. Perfect as a dining table centerpiece.
  • The Bliss Liquid Oil Candle holds about 2.7 ounces. Burn times are approximately 6 hours per ounce using Firefly Paraffin Lamp Oil. Times may vary.
  • Get creative and color your lamp oil with Firefly Candle Dye. It’s fast, fun and easy. The 3-pack of dye must be purchased separately.



We recommend using Firefly CLEAN Lamp Oil or Paraffin Lamp Oil because they are designed to burn very cleanly producing virtually no soot, smoke or odor. If you choose another brand, please select a high-quality pure liquid paraffin oil as best you can. You want a combustible fuel, NOT A FLAMMABLE fuel. NEVER USE KEROSENE, ACETONE, ALCOHOL, GASOLINE or PAINT THINNER. A combustible fuel requires a wick to burn. A flammable fuel will ignite by touching fire to it. Please do not use any type of vegetable oil because it will not work properly.

Lovingly Caring for Your Firefly Oil Candles


Recommended Lamp Oil

We recommend using Firefly CLEAN Lamp Oil, Firefly Paraffin Lamp Oil or Firefly Safe & Green because they are designed to burn very cleanly producing virtually no soot, smoke or odor. If you choose another brand, please select a high-quality pure liquid paraffin oil.

NEVER MIX FUELS as mixing will change the burning characteristics.

You want a combustible fuel, NOT a FLAMMABLE fuel. NEVER USE KEROSENE, ACETONE, ALCOHOL, GASOLINE or PAINT THINNER . Sorry for shouting but it’s important 🙂 and please do not use any kind of vegetable oil as it is not a proper fuel for your oil candle.


Wick Care

The wick is the highway for the fuel. Please be sure the wick is completely saturated before lighting it. If you light the wick before it is completely saturated, you will burn the wick and experience smoke.

Never let the fuel run dry as the wick will be compromised and doing so will significantly limit the lifetime of the wick. Wicks require trimming over time when you notice they are not performing properly. Simply, twist and push the wick through the collar and trim to the bottom of the scorched area. IMPORTANT: Untwist the wick before readjusting to the appropriate height, otherwise, your highway becomes a bumpy back road!

The height of the wick should be about 1/16” or less above the collar for the best performance. Flames grow after the initial lighting. Wait for 5 minutes.


Rethreading Your Wick

Oh No! You pulled the wick out of the collar, now what do you do? Easy!


Filling Your Candle

Hold the small plastic tab at the top of the funnel. Insert into the candle. Keep elevated above the candle neck. DO NOT rest the funnel on the candle neck as this will restrict the flow of fuel causing the fuel to potentially overflow making a real mess!


Burn Time

You can figure about 6-8+ hours per ounce of fuel. Firefly CLEAN will burn significantly longer than Firefly Paraffin or Safe & Green.


Additional Important Info

• DO NOT overfill your oil candle. Fill your oil candle 3/4 or less full.

• Never leave burning candles unattended

• The wick collar gets very hot. Let it cool for 10 minutes before touching.

• Lamp Oil is poisonous. Keep it in a safe place.

• Place your candle on a flat, stable surface away from any traffic.

13 reviews for Transcend Oil Lamp

  1. Jacob Myers – Amazon Review

    I thought this would look neat as a piece inside a large glass hanging lantern I have. It fits wonderfully and definitely looks very cool. The nested shapes allow me a lot of options for adding decorations with it and I intend to get some of the oil dye later to really add some pop to it. Will definitely be interested in other designs for different uses in the house.

  2. Cheryl – Amazon Review

    I actually received this beautiful candle as a gift from a friend. It is simple to use and it’s a clean and elegant addition to my dining room table. I am excited to try dying the oil for a new look soon!

  3. fuzzy – Amazon Review

    I purchased this item as a gift. The quality is excellent and seems to be very durably ( assuming a little care is exercised).All in all , a very classy item I will be purchasing additional for my own use.

  4. Debbie – Amazon Review

    Absolutely LOVE everything I’ve purchased from Firefly Fire. Every product is exactly as described and their fuel for reducing mosquitoes is what we use in all our item because we live in South Florida. They keep the bugs away and look beautiful in the process.

  5. Amazon Customer – Amazon Review

    Love this product. Looks great and was exactly what I wanted. Did have a little trouble after filling the ball with fuel. Don’t know how to drop it into the glass tube without worrying about breaking it.

  6. Amazon Customer – Amazon Review

    Love this oil lamp. I have a good many lamps already but unfortunately, some of my glass lamps were broken during a move a few years back. I am just now getting to the place where I am replacing them. This lamp is very beautiful! Very nice find. Will definitely take a look at their products in the future.

  7. Hochman – Amazon Review

    A minimalist beautiful product for a fair price, I have already recommended it to a few friends. The Firefly parafin oil I bought with it is perfect, too.

  8. Janet Lewis – Amazon Review

    I love these oil lamps and have been ordering them for years. My only disappointment was that it did not match one from years ago….my fault for not looking at the dimensions. I’m keeping it anyway!!! You cannot go wrong with these as gifts or for yourself. Use their oil too, the best.

  9. Amazon Customer – Amazon Review

    This is a beautiful oil lamp! Very elegant as a centerpiece and you can decorate the base so many different ways for different occasions. Very happy with Firefly!

  10. ArtistCeleste – Amazon Review

    I love this company. Their glass is so beautiful. It’s very affordable for the quality, it’s handmade, small business. What is not to love?

    I used it for a sconce that I made. It absolutely matched my craftsmanship and elevated the piece. My only other option would have been to pay someone $200 to make a custom glass sconce.

    The glass gets lots of compliments. What a valuable item.

  11. P. Cookston – Amazon Review

    Beautiful. Not the 9″ version. Closer to 7 inches. Nonetheless a beautiful gift

  12. nanballiet – Amazon Review

    Received as a gift. These are BEAUTIFULLY designed. I love them. Make different heights please. Customer service is exceptional; purchase with confidence. A very versatile oil lamp as the round vessel can be used as a stand alone. Very clean fuel, no smoke, no wax mess. Only a stub of the wick needed for best performance. Sparkling clear borosilicate glass. Will be ordering more! Thank you for a superior product and outstanding customer care, Firefly!

  13. Teri Reed – Amazon Review

    My FireFly oil lamp is simply elegant! Love it!
    It is easy to fill, no scent to the burning oil and it’s quite unique in having space below the oil orb to place some decoration. My one recommendation would be to expand the product line in regard to different sizes.
    This oil lamp is a great gift idea.

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