The Great Firefly Oil Candle Giveaway 2014!

Well, here we are, Spring 2014. Seems like a great time to create a giveaway and get the world talking about our stunning glass oil candles. To enter, click the “Giveaway” image below.

Firefly Transcend Oil Lamp

Firefly Transcend Oil Lamp

For this giveaway, we’ve selected one of our top sellers, the Transcend Oil Candle. It’s actually 2 pieces comprised of a round Bliss Petite which slips inside a glass shield that measures 6.69″ high by 3.14″ wide. The Bliss Petite appears to majestically float inside the holder.

Firefly Transcend Oil Lamp Color with Red Dye

Firefly Transcend Oil Lamp

There are more photos here.

Here are some of the comments from the entry form…

” I really love the vibe that it gives to the whole room just by lighting a few of these. It’s unique and different from a candle, which changes it up quite a bit in a refreshing way—definitely recommended to friends!”

“They are beautiful!”

“This is the Best way to have oil candles-all the other candles are messy & expensive. Love these!”

“I have never seen a candle as beautiful as these. I would love to have one of these.”

“I haven’t had a chance to try them but a good friend says they are very nice.”

“I’ve never used one of your oil candles but I love this! Tx for the giveaway :)”

“They are breathtakingly beautiful. I first heard about them via Netty’s giveaways’ Facebook page. What a find that was. I would love to have one. Gorgeous.”

“I haven’t tried them yet but they look super unique and fun! Plus, I see they are eco-friendly, which is awesome! Hopefully, I win and can try them and become a customer!”

“Absolutely stunning and unique!”

OK. Let’s get the word out and make this the next big thing in design!!!

I want to thank you all that have entered and those of you who are about to.

Good Luck!