Gun Cleaner & Lubricant

Firefly One-Shot Gun Cleaner and Lubricant is an amazing new product. Definitely give it a go to keep your firearms in tip-top shape. This gun cleaning oil also eco-friendly, bio-degradable, and non-toxic. It’s very easy on the hands and is odorless.

The best way to maintain your firearms is with Firefly One-Shot Gun Cleaner and Lubricant. This amazing product keeps your firearms working properly. Plus, our gun cleaner is eco-friendly and biodegradable. It’s also very easy on the hands, so you won’t need gloves while applying. The product is odorless and non-toxic, which means you can clean your gun anywhere without worrying about your health.

This multipurpose odorless gun cleaner and lubricant is ideal for all sorts of tools and gear that you need to grease. You can use it on anything you don’t want to rust or corrode. Our superior gun cleaning solvents and lubricants allow you to clean your gun quickly, saving you time. This gun oil and cleaner leaves just a thin layer of product and won’t attract dust and debris.