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W.T. Kirkman Lantern

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The W.T. Kirkman No. 2 Champion is our most popular and best selling lantern, and now features a full weight pressed “Loc-Nob” globe bearing the W.T. Kirkman trademark. The No. 2 Champion features the improved WTK #262 wing-lock burner for superior performance and the highest wind resistance. The extra durable galvanized construction is well suited for the most demanding applications, and is especially appropriate where an historically accurate unpainted finish is needed. Here is an outside review of the No. 2 Champion worth reading.

The 4th photo shows the No. 2, 15″ Champion in the Foreground and the 12″ Little Champ in the background. For those who are interested in the tables, I purchased them from Wisteria… Ceramic Cumulus Stools.

The 3rd photo shows the Little Champ on the left and the Champion on the right. The Champion is more elegant and elongated, in our opinion, and it holds considerably more fuel than the Little Champ.

The lanterns include a handy funnel for filling located inside the globe when shipped.  PLEASE REMOVE BEFORE LIGHTING!


15″ Champion

  • 15″ height (bail Up height 20 1/2″)
  • Average 12-14 candle power,(maximum 20 c.p.)
  • 7/8″ wick
  • 31 oz. fount capacity, 27-hour burning time
  • Approx. thermal output: 1,400 BTU per hour
  • Operates on average at 6 cents per hour’s worth of lamp oil

12″ Little Champ

  • 12″ high (bail Up height 16 1/4″)
  • Average 9 candle power (maximum 12 c.p.)
  •  5/8″ wick
  •  9 oz. fount capacity, 12-hour burning time
  • Approx. thermal output: 1100 BTU per hour
  • Operates on average at 4 cents per hour’s worth of lamp oil.

What Others Think Of Our W.T. Kirkman Lantern

1 review for W.T. Kirkman Lantern

  1. Kollette

    5.0 out of 5 stars
    The features of this lantern are of good working quality
    By Kollette on November 20, 2015 | Verified Purchase on Amazon
    Hurricane Lantern by WT Kirkman – Champion Patio No. 2 – 15

    My new “go to” lantern. The glass is very thick and durable. The features of this lantern are of good working quality. The reflector is something I personally like. It burns brightly. (12-14 cp), and for a long time. I often burn oil lamps in the evening, just because I like the soft light they give off. That being said, this gives off a usable amount of light for reading etc. I have used similar lanterns camping on the trail with horses. Now, this is the only one I will take. Great for camping with the size and stability to handle any of my outdoor activities.

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